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Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ)

Anatomy & biomechanics for geeks
Barefoot running


Inspiring viewing on Feldenkrais
Beginners' experiences of Feldenkrais
Clear explanations of Feldenkrais
Scientific research that relates to Feldenkrais
Feldenkrais guilds & practitioners
A deeper look into Feldenkrais & other somatic methods

Inspiring viewing on Feldenkrais (youtube) 

Healing Quest – Feldenkrais achieves what medicine could not
Feldenkrais helps a girl who was written off by doctors (with Moshé Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel).

What is the Feldenkrais Method?
People describe how Feldenkrais has enriched their lives, including businesspeople, pianists, fitness instructors, and doctors.

A story through the Feldenkrais Method
Meet some of Moshé Feldenkrais’ original students (in Hebrew with English subtitles).

Movement nature meant, Part I
Ruthy Alon demonstrates Feldenkrais movements (the music isn’t part of the method).

The Next 25 Years
This film project conveys Feldenkrais ideas in an accessible way.



Beginners’ experiences of Feldenkrais 

What the hell is Feldenkrais?
A beginner’s view of Feldenkrais (from a site that looks at ways our brains can simplify our lives).

Falling for Feldenkrais – A patient’s progress
A swimmer’s initial response to Feldenkrais, by Michael Sigman.

Feldenkrais – Everything you ‘know’ about healing might be dead wrong
Feldenkrais convinces sceptic Michael Sigman.

Getting more out of Pilates
Pilates teacher Peggy Protz discovers Feldenkrais.



Clear explanations of Feldenkrais 

Feldenkrais practitioner Lawrence Goldfarb describes the method at a dinner party.

Learning how to learn – An overview of the Feldenkrais Method
One of Moshé Feldenkrais’ students, Dennis Leri, describes the method and its history.

Learn to learn
Moshé Feldenkrais orients beginners to Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes.

New hope for aching, creaky yuppie bodies (PDF, 56kb)
By Dr Norman Doidge MD, for the National Post.



Scientific research that relates to Feldenkrais 

International Feldenkrais Federation
This bibliography lists wide-ranging research on Feldenkrais, from the effects on fybromyalgia and chronic pain to help for children with special needs.

Psychology Today – Slow movement with awareness: better than exercise?
The positive effects of awareness – how you move is as important as how much you move.

Science Daily – Why (smart) practice makes perfect
Variation in movement increases effectiveness of practice.



Feldenkrais guilds & practitioners 

All these websites offer lots of interesting articles and links.

New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild
Find Feldenkrais practitioners in your area.

International Feldenkrais Federation

Australian Feldenkrais Guild

Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Move to Improve – Auckland’s David Sullivan

Bones for Life – Ruthy Alon

Uncommon Sensing – Alan Questal

Semiophysics – Dennis Leri

Inside Moves – Jeff Haller

Feldenkrais Movement Institute – Frank Wildman



A deeper look into Feldenkrais & other somatic methods 

Ryan Nagy’s blog

Irene Gutteridge’s blog

International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Academy Feldenkrais Research Journal
Wide-ranging research on the Feldenkrais Method.

Feldenkrais and judo
By Feldenkrais practitioner and martial artist Dennis Leri.

Moshé Feldenkrais' work with movement – A parallel approach to Milton Erickson's hypnotherapy
By Feldenkrais practitioner Mark Reese PhD.

Somatics on the Web – Clinical somatic education
Feldenkrais in the historical context of other somatic methods, by Thomas Hanna PhD.

Hakomi Institute NZ
A mind-body psychotherapy influenced by Feldenkrais.




The Wellington health centre where you can go for a range of therapeutic services, including yoga, and where Oli offers one-on-one Feldenkrais sessions.

Yoga Lunch Box
New Zealand’s online yoga magazine.

Yoga Unlimited
Great yoga school in Wellington city.

Yoga INventure
The blog of Kelly Fisher, from Yoga Unlimited.

My Daily Yoga
Nice little daily stretch site.

Yoga, surf, and health retreats run by Oli’s good Australian mate Sheridan Hammond.



Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) 

The Gentle Art
Excellent blog by Cane Prevost on BJJ and learning/teaching.

John Will’s blog
Inspirational blog by this leading Australian BJJ teacher.

Geoff Grant, Oli’s BJJ instructor at GSW Martial Arts.

Great blog by Patrick, Rawiri, and Thomas from GSW.



Anatomy & biomechanics for geeks 

Mel Siff on the spinal stability paradox
The late great Mel Siff critiques ideas about core strength and static posture.

Katy Says
Biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman on biomechanics, alignment, and exercises.

Optimum Sports Performance
Patrick Ward, sports performance coach and massage therapist, often discusses anatomy.
Contains a great series of five articles on the now famous psoas muscle.



Barefoot running 

The Balanced Runner
Jae Gruenke, American Feldenkrais practitioner and barefoot running teacher.

Christopher McDougall’s blog
The American guy who popularised barefoot running in the West with the book Born to Run.